You may be asking what’s with the name Recon? Well, let us explain…as many of you know Butler is the birthplace of the “jeep” vehicle. What many of you may not know is that the first “jeep” prototype was called the Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC). We want to capture the essence of Butler in everything we do and what better way than to have our name be a tribute to such an important part of our history. So there you have it, Butler is the birthplace of the Bantam Reconnaissance Car and now, Recon Brewing.

Recon Brewing was established in February 2016 by 3 friends, all born and raised in Butler that met through the fire service in Butler Township. Toby Wehr, Dave Bestwick, and Nate Bacher set out on a mission to start a brewery that would focus on high quality, yet simple beers that will become known for their drinkability and value. We searched the area far and wide for a suitable location that would set the perfect stage for the type of brewery that we envisioned. We are now happy to say that we found the perfect home on N. Main St Ext in Center Twp. With a combined volunteer history of over 70 years of service, we have dedicated our lives to volunteering and working for our community and we strive to continue to give back to the Butler area.

Our “drink local” mentality means more to us than just our beer and has led us to seek locally for materials, supplies, equipment, and even design. Our logo and artwork has been designed by Butler native artist, and long-time friend, Jack Laughner and our custom brewing equipment will be manufactured only an hour away.

Our dream is that Recon Brewing is a relaxed atmosphere that invites all walks of life to come spend their day or evening with us and share a pint. It is a dream in the process of becoming a reality.