Karma Tap

We're heavily involved with our community. We grew up in Butler and we raise our families here. In an effort to continue giving back to the place we call home, we came up with the idea of a "Karma Tap". 

recon brewing karma tap fostering music "katt"mandu widows brew

Current Karma Tap

Our current Karma Tap is "Katt"mandu's Widows Brew. "Katt"mandu is a Red Ale brewed with red pepper, cinnamon, orange peel and cocoa nibs. This interesting spiced red ale is perfect for the cold months. Malty notes with a slight hint of citrus and a smooth warming heat on the back end.


Advocate Amber benefits Fostering Music. 15% of "Katt"mandus tap sales will be donated.

What's a "Karma Tap"

Each quarter, Recon Brewing pairs up with a charitable organization. We work with the organization to either create a new brew or select a brew that will be selected as the "karma tap". For that quarter, we will donate 15% of the sales on that tap handle to the organization.

How Can I Nominate My Organization

Are you involved with a charitable organization that could use some help? Fill out the form below to nominate your organization! 

Thanks for nominating!